Supporting Coalitions in New York City: Resources to Help

Are you looking for ways to support coalitions in New York City? There are many organizations and initiatives that provide assistance to those in need. The Coalition for the Homeless, Department of Crisis Intervention, Grand Central Food Program, and the Government Relations Council (GRC) are just a few of the organizations that offer support. Additionally, the 26% Public Health Services Academy, Training Center for Strong Families and Communities, Coalition for the Advancement of Nonprofit Organizations (CAN), and South Asian Community Services (SACSS) are all dedicated to helping those in need. The Coalition for the Homeless is a nonprofit organization that works to provide food, shelter, and other services to homeless New Yorkers during the COVID-19 crisis.

They have created lists of relevant resources in each county that are available in downloadable PDF files on their page about COVID-19. The GRC meets monthly to discuss legislative and regulatory developments affecting New York's nonprofit sector. They interact with government officials, including directors of municipal and state agencies, the New York State Attorney General's Office of Charitable Organizations, and elected officials. The 26% Public Health Services Academy is a nonprofit health services organization that works to identify obstacles to health and well-being in underserved immigrant communities. They coordinate primary care with social assistance and provide care with dignity and empathy to marginalized New Yorkers. The Training Center for Strong Families and Communities uses an evidence-based model called Communities that Care to engage neighborhood partners and improve the life outcomes of families throughout New York City. The Coalition for the Advancement of Nonprofit Organizations (CAN) is a sectoral coalition of more than 100 non-profit organizations that was formed in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

It was coordinated by Nonprofit New York and brings together the voices of the sector to represent the issues that matter most to the sector. Thanks to their collaborative work, the New York State Hotline for New Americans is now empowered to receive complaints against unscrupulous providers. The Your Business, Your Future guide has been developed for all current and aspiring immigrant entrepreneurs, regardless of their immigration status, to help them understand their options for starting and operating their own business in New York State. Public Health Solutions provides vital services that improve the health of low-income and high-risk families and communities throughout New York City. The PINY Working Group meets monthly and has made several important changes to the way fraud is handled in immigrant services in New York State. Finally, South Asian Community Services (SACSS) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering and integrating underserved South Asians and other immigrants into New York's civic and economic life. These organizations are just a few examples of how coalitions in New York City can be supported.

There are many more resources available that can help those in need. If you are looking for ways to support coalitions in your area, it is important to research what resources are available so you can make an informed decision about how best to help.

Meghan Stearnes
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