The Power of Youth-Led Organizations in Coalitions Across New York City

Youth Power Coalition is a collective of youth leaders and adult allies who are working together to create a movement that will have a lasting impact on young people. During a meeting, it was determined that an informal coalition structure would not be enough to sustain the long-term vision of building an immigrant youth movement that goes beyond advocating for immigration law reform.


such as the New York State Youth Leadership Council, the Massachusetts Immigrant Student Movement, the University Leadership Initiative of Austin (Texas), and California Dream Network were the undocumented student organizations that began to make their presence known in those states. Thanks to their efforts, dreamers were able to gain the support of the local community and play a critical role in increasing voter turnout in the Rio Grande Valley.

The United We Dream (UWD) organization was successful in their outreach efforts and organizational work on the ground, which resulted in policy proposals that affected immigrant youth and DACA recipients. The NYEC (New York Empowerment Coalition) worked for more than 10 years to create a local coalition, which eventually spread to other cities such as Boston, Utah, Phoenix, and San Francisco. During this time, a group of organizers and leaders met to discuss the DREAM Act campaign and talked about creating a movement and an organization that would not collapse if Congress voted for or against. Fair Futures is an outreach movement led by young people and a coalition of more than 100 organizations and foundations that are advocating for all young people in the New York City foster care system to have access to comprehensive, long-term supports so they can reach their potential.

This coalition is dedicated to providing resources and support for youth in foster care so they can achieve their goals and become successful adults.

Meghan Stearnes
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