Building a Strong Network of Allies for Coalition Initiatives in NYC

When it comes to coalition initiatives in New York City, it is essential to build a strong network of allies. To do this, it is important to first establish the basic principles that the coalition will support. According to a study of 30 emerging leaders, there are three different forms of networking that can be used. Operational networks are focused on performing tasks more efficiently.

This involves cultivating relationships with colleagues whose roles are clearly defined as stakeholders. Personal networking involves connecting with people outside of an organization to learn and find opportunities for personal growth. Strategic networks are used to discover and capitalize on new opportunities for the company. Managers who think they are experts at creating networks often only operate on an operational or personal level. Effective leaders learn to use networks for strategic purposes.

In one case, a company's founder promoted an accounting manager to chief financial officer and gave him a position on the board of directors. The manager's instinctive response was to reestablish his functional credentials, but he overlooked the fact that only a minority of the board members shared the founder's ambition. The problem with relying exclusively on operational networks is that they are usually oriented to meet the objectives assigned to them, not to ask themselves strategic questions. Managers also don't have as many personal options when establishing operational relationships as when weaving personal and strategic networks, because the right relationships are prescribed by the position and organizational structure. It is the quality of relationships, trust, and mutual understanding that gives an operational network its power. However, restrictions on network membership mean that these connections are unlikely to bring value beyond assistance with the task at hand.

Coalition members can use networks to refine and improve their cooperation and collaboration with each other in all their work, which can lead to better services across the county. There are often barriers to starting a coalition, so it is important to know and anticipate them. You may already have a core group ready to work on forming a coalition or you may need to obtain funding for a particular service or create a comprehensive proposal that distributes funding as widely as possible throughout the community. As chair of the Economic Development Committee, I am committed to breaking down the barriers that have prevented so many New Yorkers from realizing their dreams and aspirations. I look forward to working with my partners in government and the private sector to make these recommendations a reality and continue building a more vibrant and inclusive economy for all New Yorkers. It is essential that any coalition has representation from certain people and groups whose input is absolutely essential. This includes educators, health professionals, child care and human services providers, parents, board members, customers, regulators, and more.

By having these people involved in the coalition initiative, it will ensure that everyone's needs are met and that all voices are heard.

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